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Art Cinema & Big Booties Y’All: 10 Movies That Led to ‘Spring Breakers’

The most shocking thing about Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers – a teen starlet-packed crime movie set to dubstep – is that it is essentially a tiny little art movie. Sure, it’s very funny and silly at times, and there are some pretty big names in the cast, but the ridiculous premise is supported by strange, decidedly non-Hollywood moves. Along with nods to the leering camera of Girls Gone Wild videos and Hollywood’s wholehearted embrace of the dumb teen comedy, Spring Breakers cribs moves from the slow-drift alienated cinema of the ’70s and ’80s, the 90s’ blinged-out avant-garde hip-hop video grammar, and an early 2000s world cinema trend of resurrecting of woman-on-the-verge pictures. Here are ten movies that can assist you in unpacking Spring Breakers’ joking-not-joking approach to its gun-toting, beer-bonging young ladies as they stare into the void.