Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix Special Releases First Trailer

Jerry Seinfeld doesn't really have a financial reason to return to the televised stand-up stage, since he's set for life, and yet Netflix has been able…
Brian Josephs / August 29, 2017

Jerry Seinfeld on Snubbing Kesha: “I Don’t Hug a Total Stranger”

Someone had to do the reporting--that is, run down Jerry Seinfeld and ask him about why he refused to hug Kesha at a David Lynch…
Winston Cook-Wilson / June 8, 2017

Ezra Koenig Scores ‘Seinfeld’ Video Game ‘The Junior Mint’

Twitter aficionados are no doubt familiar with at least one of the two accounts that exist for the sole purpose of re-contextualizing classic '90s sitcom…
Chris Martins / May 5, 2014