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Azealia Banks Ignites Twitter Controversy With Homophobic Slur

The beef was supposed to be cooked. Scorched. Inedible. "I'm done," said rapper Angel Haze in reply to a Tumblr questioner a couple of days…
Marc Hogan and Chris Martins / January 7, 2013

Perez Hilton Kicks Off U.S. Tour

Perez Hilton helped put Lady Gaga and Mika on the map by featuring them in the "Listen to This" section of his popular site
Jonathan Baker / September 11, 2009

Ladyhawke, Ida Maria Headline Perez Hilton’s Tour

He dishes out celebrity gossip. He doodles penises with abandon. He gets black eyes from Black Eyed Peas. Few web surfers can avoid coming across…
Ray Padgett / August 18, 2009