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The Lawrence Arms’ Brendan Kelly Talks New Album, Hip-Hop, and Nachos

"I'm always like, 'Yeah, motherfucker, I'm just gonna melt some cheese on Doritos!'" That's Lawrence Arms vocalist/bassist Brendan Kelly, screaming into the phone from his…
Luke McCormick / February 13, 2014

Watch the Lawrence Arms Go Juggalo in ‘Seventeener (17th and 37th)’ Video

On January 28, the Lawrence Arms will return with Metropole, the Chicago-born trio's sixth album and first full-length since 2006's Oh! Calcutta! According to singer-bassist…
Kyle McGovern / January 6, 2014

DOWNLOAD: The Lawrence Arms’ Exclusive Bonus Track!

Chicago trio the Lawrence Arms' rowdy fist-pumping tunes have made them a staple on the punk scene over the past decade. And while "Demons," a…
Chris Zakorchemny / October 26, 2009