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DOWNLOAD: The Lawrence Arms’ Exclusive Bonus Track!


Chicago trio the Lawrence Arms’ rowdy fist-pumping tunes have made them a staple on the punk scene over the past decade. And while “Demons,” a track from their upcoming Buttsweat & Tears EP (out Oct. 27 via Fat Wreck Chords), is a bit more straightforward rock’n’roll than most of their last record, it’s no pushover by any means. Download it below.

Showcasing TLA’s aggressive style, smart-aleck lyrics, and on-stage trash talking, the song talks about getting too drunk at a wedding, getting kicked out for being too loud, and not worrying about having a great time.

“Demons” will be a digital-only bonus track for fans who purchase the EP online, but, in a charmingly egalitarian move, the band decided to give the track away for free right here on

“We figured that we shouldn’t penalize the people who were cool enough to buy the 7″ [vinyl version] by giving them one less song,” frontman Brendan Kelly said on his blog. “Everyone should be able to have the five songs if they want em, right? Right. We decided to pass out the bonus track for free because we’re cooler than all other bands. That’s right, other bands, we’re talking about you. Nice haircuts. Sweet matching outfits. Nice sustainable careers. Bleh.”

Download the track right here and decide for yourself whether “Demons” is a total bonus.

LISTEN: The Lawrence Arms, “Demons” (DOWNLOAD MP3)