Laura Mvula

SPIN R&B Report: Yuna Props Up Woozy Soul With Smelling Salts, Laura Mvula Meets Pop Halfway

While the world spent much of this year waiting for Frank Ocean, R&B continued to evolve. This season’s picks illustrate that there’s a thriving crop…
Mosi Reeves / August 26, 2016

Radiohead, David Bowie, and the 1975 Lead the Mercury Prize Nominees List

The Mercury Prize has historically helped launch the careers of many leading U.K. artists: Portishead, the xx, Suede, and more. And they rarely skew predictably;…
Dan Weiss / August 4, 2016

Watch Laura Mvula Get Comfortable With Stardom on ‘Kimmel’

Speaking to SPIN recently, U.K. singer Laura Mvula admitted, "I cringe a little when people say I am a 'pop star.'" The neo-soulstress' recent debut…
Kyle McGovern / September 17, 2013

Laura Mvula Tells the Tale of a Lifetime in Touching ‘She’ Video

We knew we had to get to know recent This Is Happening star Laura Mvula after she appeared before our eyes via that lush and inviting "Green Garden"
Chris Martins / July 11, 2013

Laura Mvula, ‘Sing to the Moon’ (RCA Victor)

Sing to the Moon begins with a florid blossom of vocal harmonies, of many Laura Mvulas, the English singer's flawless voice multi-tracked heaven-high: "Our love…
Jessica Hopper / June 6, 2013

Laura Mvula: U.K. Soul Singer Shuns Diva Buzz, Spreads Love the Family Way

Who: Laura Mvula, the U.K.'s latest diva export, was shortlisted for the career-making BRIT Awards before she'd even released a proper album. The buzz-crazed English…
Jessica Hopper / May 7, 2013

Watch Laura Mvula’s Lush and Inviting ‘Green Garden’ Video

One last video before you head off for the weekend: Laura Mvula is a British soul singer who releases her debut album Sing to the…
Daniel Kreps / January 18, 2013