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Laura Mvula Tells the Tale of a Lifetime in Touching ‘She’ Video

Laura Mvula 'She' Video Sing to the Moon

We knew we had to get to know recent This Is Happening star Laura Mvula after she appeared before our eyes via that lush and inviting “Green Garden” video. At the time, we knew very little about the English soul singer, but she’s since been the subject of much “Next Winehouse” chatter. Fair enough, though her approach to the art doesn’t dwell in the past — in fact, a song like “That’s Alright” seems to be constantly in motion, evolving as it goes. The same could be said for Sing to the Moon highlight “She” and, even more so, its accompanying video. While the song itself unfurls with the slow magic of a music box in action, the visuals follow the growth of one young girl as she traverses life’s many milestones — eventually we wind up where we started, but with a twist. Get your heartstrings plucked by hitting play above.