James Holden

Dance Tracks of the Week: James Holden Unites John Cage with Feral Forest Ravers

For more than a decade, James Holden has exerted a kind of dark energy on dance music, an influence that is all the more interesting…
Philip Sherburne / June 27, 2013

Dance Tracks of the Week: Todd Terje Will Own Your Summer (Yet Again)

Todd Terje "Strandbar" (Olsen Records) Todd Terje doesn't release that much, and he doesn't need to: Every time he puts out a new track, it's…
Philip Sherburne / June 20, 2013

James Holden Embarks on New Album With Wild Synth Jam ‘Gone Feral’

After seven years, James Holden will finally release a follow-up to his 2006 debut album, The Idiots Are Winning. His second long-player, The Inheritors, will…
Philip Sherburne / March 26, 2013