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James Holden Embarks on New Album With Wild Synth Jam ‘Gone Feral’

James Holden

After seven years, James Holden will finally release a follow-up to his 2006 debut album, The Idiots Are Winning. His second long-player, The Inheritors, will be released in June, and from the sound of its first single, “Gone Feral,” he has done just that. Picking up several light-years deeper into the stratosphere from where Idiots‘ outer-limits techno left off, “Gone Feral” spreads a tangle of gravelly synthesizer bleeps over a lumbering rhythm that moves like a wounded animal. Another “A Break in the Clouds” it definitely ain’t.

The Inheritors is out June 17 on Border Community, the label on which Holden has focused most of his energy in recent years, releasing synth-heavy, jewel-toned, esoteric dance music from the likes of Luke Abbott and Nathan Fake. Stream (and, for now, download) “Gone Feral” below; the single will be out with additional DJ tools on April 8.