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Vince Staples’ Self-Titled Album Turns Grudgingly Inward

Vince Staples, the eponymous release by the Long Beach rapper, takes quick stock of his lifestyle against the backdrop of his troubled past. Staples, who…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / July 26, 2021

Tyler, the Creator Finds Himself on Call Me If You Get Lost

Tyler, the Creator’s latest album, Call Me If You Get Lost, blends his unconventional early-days charisma with the warm melodies of later…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / July 7, 2021

On Disco!, MIKE Shares a Glimmer of Hope

Disco!, the latest release from the experimental New York rapper MIKE, builds upon his somber but virtuosic style, exploring new lyrical and musical…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / June 21, 2021

PRICIE Lets It All Out

The multi-hyphenate PRICIE throws herself into every aspect of her art: rapping, singing, songwriting, singing and dancing. And that level of focus has helped propel her…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / June 9, 2021

Mndsgn Savors Life’s Small Moments on Rare Pleasure

On Rare Pleasure, his third release for Stones Throw Records, Mndsgn evolves from his role as acclaimed beat-maker to focus on vocals, songwriting and arrangements.
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / June 4, 2021

The Growing Pains of AG Club’s Fuck Your Expectations

Favorably compared to A$AP Mob and Odd Future for their versatile sound and offbeat, self-made visuals, the Avant-Garde Club (AG Club)…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / May 3, 2021

Remembering Phife Dawg Five Years Later

Born in 1970, Phife Dawg grew up Malik Taylor writing poems and rapping around his native Queens, New York neighborhood before forming A Tribe Called…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / March 22, 2021

Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin Showcase a Cipher of Rising Talent on $mokebreak

$mokebreak, the second project of hip-hop duo Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin, trades the rich worldbuilding of their first album for a fast-paced exhibition of…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / March 18, 2021

Remembering Vanity Five Years Later

Denise Matthews was a model, actress, singer, songwriter, and dancer, and she left a blazing mark on the cultural landscape of the ‘80s. If the…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / February 15, 2021

On TYRON, slowthai Looks in a Cracked Mirror

TYRON, the sophomore album of UK rapper Tyron Frampton—aka slowthai—takes the scathing perspective of his debut, Nothing Great About Britain, and turns it…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / February 10, 2021

The Making of Curtis Waters

"Dad's coat," one bubble reads. "Brother's shirt, Mom's pants," read little arrows, tracing the origins of the tuxedo flailing across the screen. The belt, however,…
Tomas Miriti Pacheco / November 25, 2020