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My Bloody Valentine

What's the Deal? In the 16 years since shoegaze gods My Bloody Valentine graced American shores with perfectionist overdubs of crashing, beautiful noise from one…
Taleen Kalenderian / September 22, 2008

‘Happy’ NYC Fans Groove with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Poor Boris Yeltsin's message could have been as plain and simple as the band who still love him: "We want to make you very happy,"
Taleen Kalenderian / April 23, 2008

The Dodos

What's the Deal? This Bay Area outfit cross-references bluegrass guitar, mandolin, vast percussion, and orchestral arrangements into a mildly freaky yet no less tangy folk…
Taleen Kalenderian / March 3, 2008

White Hinterland

What's the Deal? Casey Dienel's vocals have, at first, the depth and phrasing of Jolie Holland and the chirpiness of Regina Spektor. But what makes…
Taleen Kalenderian / February 28, 2008

The Acorn

Who? Formed in Ottawa in 2003, the indie-folk quintet the Acorn consists of songwriter Rolf Klausener (also on vocals/guitar), guitarist/visual artist Howie Tsui, bassist Jeff…
Taleen Kalenderian / February 12, 2008


Who? Norman, Oklahoma-bred psych rockers Evangelicalsfeatures singer/guitarist Josh Jones, bassist/keyboardist Kyle Davisand drummer Austin Stephens (Guitarist Todd Jackson joins 'em on theroad). Having toured together…
Taleen Kalenderian / January 18, 2008

Spiritualized Shine a Light

Spiritualized frontman Jason Spaceman, a.k.a. Jason Pierce,commingled the "taking drugs to make music to take drugs to" mantrawith gospel tinges sans Spacemen 3, and after…
Taleen Kalenderian / November 13, 2007


Who? The four members of Los Angeles-based HEALTH came up with their primordial take on noise rock when they got their hands on a Zoothorn,…
Taleen Kalenderian / November 6, 2007

A Place to Bury Strangers

Who? Where most shoegaze revival efforts fall short, Brooklyn-based trio A Place to Bury Strangers takes off with the most frustrated, lacerating take on noise…
Taleen Kalenderian / October 30, 2007

Ben Lee Makes a ‘Ripe’ Return

Touring in support of his latest studio offering, Ripe, singer/songwriter Ben Leetreated cocktail-sipping music industry insiders and media associatesto a special SPINHouse Live performance at…
Taleen Kalenderian / October 4, 2007

The Glass

Who? Dominique Keegan (vocals/guitars) and Glen Brady (programming/vocals), notorious for their 12" vinyl releases, have been making hits in the NYC club circuit for the…
Taleen Kalenderian / September 27, 2007

Underworld’s Comeback Draws in a World of its Own

In one of the band's first shows in the States in more than four years, Underworld's frontman Karl Hyde was the everyman's raver as he…
Taleen Kalenderian / September 10, 2007