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3OH!3, ‘Streets of Gold’ (Atlantic)

As anyone who's ever worked retail will attest, some people are so unfathomably thickheaded you suspect that they're stealth sociopathic geniuses. 3OH!3 are the punk-crunk…
Stacey Anderson / June 29, 2010

Eminem Does Surprise Performance in New York City

Call him, for Monday night at least, the worst-kept secret in showbiz.
Stacey Anderson / June 22, 2010

Weezer’s Bonnaroo Set Draws a Mixed Reaction

Nowadays, Weezer's Rivers Cuomo squanders the majority of his genius on KISS-lite arena riffs and regressive rhymes about malls and homies (see: 2009's Raditude and…
Stacey Anderson / June 13, 2010

Edward Sharpe Draws a Huge Crowd at Bonnaroo

If anyone still doubts that Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros are the new Pied Pipers of hippie kids and trustafarians, they were not in…
Stacey Anderson / June 12, 2010

The Dead Weather, ‘Sea of Cowards’ (Third Man/Warner Bros.)

Between Jack White and Alison Mosshart, there's a whole lotta id spilled out on the garage floor. Either she's his evil twin, or he's hers,…
Stacey Anderson / May 24, 2010

Karen Elson, ‘The Ghost Who Walks’ (XL)

Nancy Sinatra comparisons should roll in fast for Karen Elson. The redheaded supermodel has treaded in some mighty sharp boots in Vogue, and on the…
Stacey Anderson / May 18, 2010

In My Room: Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig

SPIN recently visited the Brooklyn apartment of Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig for the magazine's "In My Room" section, where we show off the decor…
Stacey Anderson / November 24, 2009

The Bravery, ‘Stir the Blood’ (Island)

The Bravery, who emerged in the wake of the early-aughts New York post-punk revival that spawned Interpol and the Strokes, are still positively 14th Street.
Stacey Anderson / November 20, 2009

Clare and the Reasons, ‘Arrow’ (Frog Stand)

Even by Brooklyn standards, Clare and the Reasons are inescapably, inconceivably cute; wispy falsetto vocalist Clare Manchon and her husband Oliver wrote and recorded this…
Stacey Anderson / October 20, 2009

Breaking Out: The Rifles

Joel Stoker, cheeky frontman for the Rifles, doesn't mind if Britpop fans are confused by his band's new album. "It's okay ifpeople buy it accidentally,"
Stacey Anderson / October 15, 2009

Lenny Kravitz Plays ‘Let Love Rule,’ Live

Lenny Kravitz came to the Fillmore in New York City Sunday night to blow out the birthday candles for Let Love Rule, the breakthrough debut…
Stacey Anderson / October 13, 2009

The Raveonettes, ‘In and Out of Control’ (Vice)

Four albums in, this nourish duo are still unwavering in their approach: Chilly, disturbing lyrics emerge from a dense fog of blissful Spector harmonies and…
Stacey Anderson / October 3, 2009

Tiny Vipers, ‘Life on Earth’ (Sub Pop)

Seattle folk minstrel Jesy Fortino, a.k.a. Tiny Vipers, expresses herself with languorous, smoky silences -- in the hesitations between her intricate acoustic guitar picking, slowly…
Stacey Anderson / September 1, 2009

Mew, ‘No More Stories…’ (Columbia)

Forward, it's enticing -- but in reverse, it's sublime. Not just "New Terrain," the vocal-looping and tape-rewinding opener of Mew's fourth album, but the Danish…
Stacey Anderson / August 25, 2009

Amanda Blank, ‘I Love You’ (Downtown)

Don't you hate pants? Amanda Blank sure does. "If I wear a dress / he will never call / So I'll wear much less /…
Stacey Anderson / August 5, 2009

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