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Return of the Justice Keepers: Bad Brains’ God of Love at 25

It should have made headlines all over the American music press, from CMJ to Raygun. After spending the first half of the decade apart, the…
Ron Hart / May 27, 2020

9 Little Richard TV Appearances That Changed Everything

Without Little Richard, there would be no James Brown. No Elvis. No Beatles. [ed. note: deep breath] No Stevie Wonder. No New York…
Ron Hart / May 10, 2020

The 10 Most Essential Was (Not Was) Tracks

Since David Weiss and Don Fagenson christened themselves the Brothers Was and formed Was (Not Was) in 1979 Detroit, a ridiculous number of great musicians…
Ron Hart / May 7, 2020

Fiona Apple’s 10 Best Songs

Fiona Apple's music isn't pretty -- it's real. Though more folks appeared to have concentrated on her looks than her actual music, her 1996 debut, Tidal,…
Ron Hart / April 21, 2020

Quarantined Strings: Watch YouTubers Tackle Classics in Their Own Tune

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no shortage of guitarists, bassists and other string musicians playing recitals, offering tutorials or just plain shredding for…
Ron Hart / April 20, 2020

Pavement’s Wowee Zowee Turns 25: Musicians Remember Alt Rock Classic

Looking back, Pavement's Wowee Zowee was not immediately praised as a crucial album in the band catalog when it was released 25 years ago. In…
Ron Hart / April 16, 2020

Record Labels Feel the COVID-19 Crunch

There is no shortage of harrowing stories that illustrate the pain inflicted by every aspect of the music industry at the onset of the COVID-19…
Ron Hart / April 10, 2020

Fat Tuesday: Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of an Epic Album Release Day

If there's anything to be said about how even a once-in-a-century pandemic couldn't quash the excitement for yesterday’s incredibly strong slate of releases, it's an…
Ron Hart / March 28, 2020

Pearl Jam’s 20 Best Tracks From the Last 20 Years

Pearl Jam fans can be generally grouped into two camps: the ones who stopped listening to them after Vitalogy and the ones who obsess over…
Ron Hart / March 26, 2020

Tears for Fears’ Songs From the Big Chair Turns 35: Musicians Reflect on ’80s Pop Favorite

The second British Invasion of the American pop charts in the early days of MTV seemed to reach its pinnacle in 1985. But…
Ron Hart / March 16, 2020

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