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A Day in the Life of...

A Day In The Life of… SOFI TUKKER

Sofi Tukker (Photo: Elizabeth Miranda)

“We met in college at an art gallery. We were both booked to play the same event. I was there with a jazz trio playing mostly bossa-nova inspired music and Tuck was the DJ after me that night,” recalls Sophie Hawley-Weld of first meeting Tucker Halpern, the other half of SOFI TUKKER. “He came early and saw me play and ended up remixing one of my songs on the spot. I remember thinking he was very tall. The dude’s 6’7”. You don’t see it often.”

Since that fateful meeting at Brown University in 2014, they two have been making some sweet (sassy/fun/upbeat) music together. “It’ll make you dance,” Tucker says. “And hopefully feel good. It’s got global influences. And it mixes raw and real instruments with electronic sounds.”

Sophie attributes their special magic to the fact that they’re true opposites. “Our brains and influences are so different and so we are constantly bringing each other a new perspective around everything,” she says. “It’s part of why we probably don’t get sick of each other. We also communicate allllllll the time and about everything to make sure we are always on the same page. And we both have short memories. So, any disagreement is quickly forgotten and moved on from.”Remember when their song “Best Friend” was in that iPhone X commercial in 2017—the same year their single “Drinkee” was up for a Grammy? A year later their album Treehouse was nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Album. In April 2022, they released their newest album WET TENNIS, with twelve tracks that were well worth the wait, and delivering one of the feistiest and most imaginative offerings of the year.

Their single “Summer in New York,” with its opening ode to Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner,” is one of Tucker’s favorites. “Summer in New York is probably our favorite right now, just because it’s so timely and literal,” Tucker explains. “We moved to New York in time for summer just after writing it. The song inspired us so much to go live the life that we were dreaming of during the pandemic. We outline our favorite places in New York and our favorite things about the city and now we are actually getting to walk down the street, while listening to that song, and living it literally.”

But when it comes to original sin—the concept itself and the new single of the same name—don’t look too deep. “There isn’t one,” Sophie says. “That’s the point of the song! We don’t think we are born sinners in need of repenting.”

Here’s a day in the life of SOFI TUKKER.






April 28, 2022

Time I woke up

Somewhere around 10:00 a.m. — Sophie & Tucker

Every day starts with

Iced oat milk latte. — Tucker

Meditation in bed and a pot of jasmine tea. — Sophie

Breakfast consists of

Açai bowl. — Tucker

Oatmeal with protein powder berries and almond butter. — Sophie

To get going I always

Take a shower. — Tucker

Change my outfit at least twice. — Sophie

I don’t feel dressed without

My yellow choker. — Tucker

Checking with tucker (as my in-house stylist of course). — Sophie

Before I start working I must

Have another coffee. — Tucker

Have had my tea. — Sophie

Currently working on

Designing the Wet Tennis tour production. — Sophie & Tucker

But I’d really love to be

Nothing else we’d rather do. — Sophie & Tucker

Book I’m reading

Netflix. — Tucker

Kink by R.O Kwon and Breath: The New Science of A Lost Artby James Nestor. — Sophie

I don’t know how anyone ever

Lives without dance music. — Tucker

Doesn’t cry. — Sophie

If I had to play one album on repeat, it would be

Wet Tennis by SOFI TUKKER (had to). — Sophie & Tucker



The perfect midday consists of

Getting outside with my hair blowing in the wind cuz I’m either in my truck or on my scooter. I’m a big toy guy. — Tucker

Going on a walk while talking to a friend or some afternoon delight. — Sophie

To help get through the day I need

To be in creative in some way. — Tucker

Sleep. — Sophie

Not a day goes by without speaking to

Sophie. — Tucker

Tucker. — Sophie

My daydreams consist of

Sex and house music. — Sophie & Tucker

In a perfect day, in a perfect world

Women could make their own decisions about their bodies. — Sophie & Tucker

I’ll always fight for

Abortion rights. — Sophie & Tucker

Currently in love with

Summer in New York. — Sophie & Tucker

Hoping to make time to watch

CODA. — Sophie & Tucker

By my bedside I always have

My phone. — Tucker

The womanizer and a couple books. — Sophie

To help get through the night

I watch Netflix. — Tucker

Wear earplugs. — Sophie

Bed time

Depends on tour schedule. — Sophie & Tucker

When I think about tomorrow, it’s always

Exciting. — Sophie & Tucker