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Steve Earle and the Dukes to Record Album With Songs Written By Justin Townes Earle

Townes Earle died in August

Following his death in August, many tributes poured in remembering late singer-songwriter Justin Townes Earle. His father, Steve Earle, shared a poignant tweet of the two when his son was a teen.

Now, the elder Earle will pay tribute to his son by recording a new album comprised of songs written by Townes Earle. The album is slated to be recorded in October with a January 2021 release date. The album will be in conjunction with what would have been Townes Earle’s 39th birthday.

All of the artist advance funds and royalties will go to a trust for Justin’s daughter and Steve’s granddaughter, Etta St. James Earle.

A few days after his death, a police spokesperson told SPIN at the time that Townes Earle died of a “probable drug overdose.”

Earlier this year, Steve Earle released an album, Ghosts of West Virginia and for Record Store Day, he released the anti-Trump song “Times Like These.” He also recorded an acoustic version of the song following the election of Donald Trump.

“This is a song I wrote for a moment at the beginning of the Trumpian nightmare that I planned on releasing closer to the election, but I reckon its time has come today,” Earle told SPIN at the time of the release.