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Deftones Continue to Share Old Lyrics; Fans Speculate About New LP

Deftones Chino Moreno

Over the weekend, the Deftones blacked out their socials and have since been sharing throwback lyrics. And as of today (Aug. 18), it hasn’t stopped.

As previously reported, the profile photos on their social media accounts have been replaced with the color black. And on the California band’s website, you can only see a sign-up option for something — their newsletter (Sure!) or some special release (Possibly?). And the most striking thing about the Deftones’ website is the URL, which ends with “0925,” which could point to a Sept. 25 release date.

Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham said that he hoped for new music to drop in September. So the speculation of the website URL isn’t so far-fetched. And while there are no other details about new material in 2020, Cunningham accidentally shared a snippet of new music in April.

While you wait to find out what this all means, read our tribute to White Pony, which turned 20 in June.

See the Deftones’ cryptic messages below.

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