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Hayley Williams Takes Us Behind the Making of Petals for Armor in ‘Over Yet’ Video

Hayley Williams from "Over Yet" Video

As she previously promised, Hayley Williams has released another new track from her upcoming record, Petals for Amor — “Over Yet.”

With a fitting title for 2020, “Over Yet” is much more upbeat and makes you feel like you’re in the middle of an ’80s dance club. She co-wrote the song with Steph Marziano and bassist Joey Howard.

“…wrote this one with @jellyquinn and @@steph.marziano on a 3 day writing escapade, last summer,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “this one surprised us! went from industrial/punk beat to janet chorus REAL quick. all my faves rolled into one. thank god for this one coming out cause my attitude has been shiiiit lately. hope you’re well out there 🙏🏼.”

And since no cinematic magic can really happen these days, Williams shared behind-the-scenes clips from the making of the record instead. From the numerous photo shoots to working in the studio, she brings us into what happened over the course of 2019.

She previously released “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris”, which featured boygenius.

Watch Hayley Williams’ “Over Yet” below: