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Nick Cave Says Creativity Is His Response to ‘Crisis’

Nick Cave

Now that Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ tour has been postponed, and he, like everyone else, has more time on his hands.

And fans asked him about this in his latest post in Red Hand Files.

“My response to a crisis has always been to create,” he wrote. “This impulse has saved me many times — when things got bad I’d plan a tour, or write a book, or make a record — I’d hide myself in work, and try to stay one step ahead of whatever it was that was pursuing me.”

He talked about tossing out all the ideas he could pursue from doing livestream performances, writing “an isolation album,” doing a songwriting tutorial or even a cooking show. As he considered this, he also reminisced about the planning of the upcoming tour, which he said: “will be fucking mind-blowing if we ever get to do it!”

While he didn’t give anyone concrete ideas of how to deal with the quarantine, he opened up about using our time at home to be more reflective.

He wrote, “We have become eyewitnesses to a catastrophe that we are seeing unfold from the inside out. We are forced to isolate — to be vigilant, to be quiet, to watch and contemplate the possible implosion of our civilisation in real time. When we eventually step clear of this moment we will have discovered things about our leaders, our societal systems, our friends, our enemies and most of all, ourselves. We will know something of our resilience, our capacity for forgiveness, and our mutual vulnerability. Perhaps, it is a time to pay attention, to be mindful, to be observant.”