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What Are Korn, System of a Down, Faith No More, and Helmet All Teasing?

Korn, System of a Down, Faith No More, Helmet

Stop with all the cryptic posts and just make the announcement! Metallica first posted a mysterious countdown clock on their website in October, which turned out to be concert date announcements. More recently, Pearl Jam got fans worked up into a frenzy when they posted an illustration of the band’s name spelled out in a heart rhythm to all their social media accounts. Days later, the grunge icons from Seattle announced new album Gigaton and a tour.

Now, four bands are teasing fans all at the same time with the same thing.

System of a Down, Korn, and Faith No More each posted an illustration of an astronaut floating alone in space, attached to nothing, on Instagram Friday, January 31. Helmet shared the same image on their Facebook and Twitter accounts about two hours later. The caption on all four? A simple “Monday.”

There is one very minor difference with Faith No More’s image–it’s considerably brighter than the other bands’.

Not surprisingly, fans were quick to react with disbelief, with many commenting simply, “Oh shit!” And some were just plain confused.  “What in the?!?!” responded one Faith No More fan, while a Korn follower wondered, “What the fuck is going on????” and a Helmet fan declared,  “Shut the front door.”

Of course, there were plenty of guesses and even an alleged insider scoop.

“This better be a tour with system,” insisted one Korn fan. Another replied to that comment, “I have an inside source that told me about the show about a month ago that told me KoRn and faith no more had a date reserved for Pittsburgh.”

“Another tour festival,” hoped another.

Some System of a Down fans have their fingers crossed for new music. “Monday we gonna have a new album,” one noted on the band’s Instagram post, while another added, “For the love of god let it be a new album.”

Whatever it may be (and we’ll find out Monday!), fans of all three bands seem pretty stoked. As one person put it, “I’m so nervous but so excited pls take all my money.”

What do you think it’ll be? Give us your guess on our Facebook page.