Billie Joe Armstrong Gets Hit by a Car in New Green Day Video

Green Day Father of All album cover

Oh yeah! Green Day dropped a colorful new video for their song “Oh Yeah!” off the upcoming album, Father of All … on January 16.

The video kicks off with drummer Tre Cool telling viewers he’ll be teaching them how to play the upbeat tune, before the camera zooms out to reveal that a young driver is checking out the clip while behind the wheel. As the driver pulls into a grocery store parking lot, he hits a black-clad pedestrian …  and it’s none other than Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who is understandably pissed off by the unexpected (and literal) run-in.

The video for “Oh Yeah!”—the third song revealed from the new album—then follows multiple characters as they pose for selfies and are generally glued to their phones while Armstrong sings: “Everybody is a star / Got my money and I’m feeling kind of low.”

And if the song sounds a bit familiar, it’s Joan Jett you’re hearing. As Green Day notes on their YouTube page: “We sampled a song from the great Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation album.” The band also announced that because one of the writers of their latest single is “a total asshole,” Green Day is donating royalties from the song to RAINN and the International Justice Mission.

Father of All … is set to drop on February 7. The band hits the road for the “Hella Mega” tour with Weezer and Fall Out Boy in mid June. But before that summer of massive stadium shows, Green Day is looking to do something on a smaller scale–much smaller. Armstrong explained in a social media video on that the band is looking to play in a fan’s backyard. “Just hijinks, fun, mischief. Backyard party with your favorite band, Green Day!” he said before offering the caveat that the yard needs to be in California.

And if no one’s outdoor space is the right fit, he’s also down for a Denny’s.


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