A$AP Rocky Releases “Babushka Boi” Trailer

A$AP Rocky Drops "Babushka Boi" Trailer: Watch

A$AP Rocky kicked off the week by dropping a trailer for…something. The trailer, titled “Babushka Boi” opens with a line of text that reads “Why does this black boy wear a babushka?” Things proceed to get weird as the video presents a series of what looks like Dick Tracy-type old timey gangster villains discussing the rapper and his unconventional headwear. The gangsters are subtitled in Russian and their testimony is intercut with images of A$AP Rocky gleefully tap dancing while wearing a billowy plaid suit and a scarf you’d typically see a Russian grandma wearing. The clip ends with what sounds like a snippet of new music.

The trailer doesn’t specify whether “Babushka Boi” is a new song, video, or album, only that something called “Babushka Boi” is “coming soon.” As Stereogum points out, the rapper performed a a new song called “Babushka”  at a show in January. In a GQ interview from January, A$AP Rocky explained the inspiration for the song.

“It was inspired by a situation I had where my face got cut, and I started walking around with a Babushka to cover it,” he told GQ. “It was about last September. It started with a yellow one when I was on Trevor Noah’s show. I actually did a Vogue shoot the day after I got my face slashed.”

When asked how his face got injured, the rapper explained: “I was riding a Razor scooter, I did a pop up wheelie and just ate shit and I just had a fucking big gash on my face. Had to get plastic surgery and here we are.”

Perhaps the A$AP Rocky is anxious to put out new music now that he’s back on U.S. soil following his detainment in Sweden on assault charges over the summer.







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