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Stream Xiu Xiu’s New Album Girl With Basket of Fruit

Xiu Xiu‘s new album Girl with Basket of Fruit is out now. It’s the band’s eleventh full-length release under that name, and features the previously released singles “Scisssssssors” and “Pumpkin Attack On Mommy and Daddy.”

A lengthy statement on Xiu Xiu’s Bandcamp offers some typically arcane insights into the new release. Here’s an excerpt:

It could be handfuls of reds

It could be turning Caravaggio’s Boy with Basket of Fruit to face the wall

It could be a commission by the Guggenheim entitled Deforms the Unborn

It could be the demon Vetis, whose friends call Him The Life Promiser

Ever prolific, Xiu Xiu teamed with Italian experimental band Larsen last December to release the collaborative project Puff O’Gigio under the name XXL. The band’s last proper studio album was the thoroughly excellent Forget, which dropped back in 2017.

Xiu Xiu is celebrating the release of Girl with Basket of Fruit tonight with a special show at The Warhol Theater at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. Tickets are already sold out, but you can still catch the band on their eight-stop European tour this March. They’ll kick things off in Prague on March 5 before wrapping at Berlin’s Kantine am Berghain on March 13. Stream Girl with Basket of Fruit below, and maybe grab a velour “ready to die for Xiu Xiu” robe on the band’s site.