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Video: NAO – “Make It Out Alive” (ft. SiR)

Shooting a video amongst wheat fields and dirt roads in a midwestern or southern town is the go-to move for evoking a certain idyllic type of Americana that is both gorgeous and gritty. It’s very typical, but the reason people keep doing it is because it is almost always effective. That’s true for most early Terrence Malick films, and it’s also true for NAO’s new video for “Make It Out Alive,” featuring TDE up-and-coming crooner SiR, which was unveiled today. The poetic video sees NAO lingering in those wheat fields and SiR at a bus station with a series of “real” people looking for some hope.

“The video for ‘Make It Out Alive’ explores the transitional period of our lives,” NAO said in a press statement. “We’ve left behind the old and heading into the new but between that we’re lost. Trying to find out direction and our path which can sometimes feel aimless. This is why I chose to shoot the video in the Californian desert. This idea of being consumed by vastness made me feel overwhelmed but hopeful at the same time.”

“Make It Out Alive” is one of the singles released from NAO’s forthcoming album Saturn, including “Another Lifetime” and the recently debuted “Drive & Disconnect.” Saturn will be released on October 26. Check out the video for “Make It Out Alive” and listen to “Drive & Disconnect” below.

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