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Hear Jack White Cover Pearl Jam’s “Daughter” in Seattle

<> at Randall's Island on June 7, 2014 in New York City.

Days after Pearl Jam covered the White Stripes at a show in their Seattle hometown, Jack White has returned the favor. The former Stripes frontman was also in Seattle this week, where he busted out a version of PJ’s 1993 rock radio staple staple “Daughter,” as Consequence of Sound points out. It’s not an obvious choice of cover for White, but he tackles it with aplomb, in a version that’s mostly faithful to the original.

If the audio in the YouTube link below seems a little muffled, that’s because it was evidently recorded from inside one of the mandatory smartphone bags White has been using on this tour to keep attendees from staring at their screens for the whole show. “Sorry for the quality, Forced to put my phone in a bag,” writes YouTuber Vurs Wahflez, who uploaded the clip. A measly pouch, it turns out, is no match for a committed taper. Hear the cover below and Pearl Jam’s recent take on the White Stripes’ “We’re Going to Be Friends” here.