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Stream Foxing’s New Album Nearer My God

Foxing have released their new album Nearer My God today via Triple Crown Records. The band has had an eventful couple of years since the release of their 2015 album Dealer, which we named one of the best emo-revival records; their van was hit by a truck, guitarist Ricky Sampson came clean about sexual assault allegations, and Josh Coll left the band, though he would return to direct the eccentric music video for Nearer My God lead single “Slapstick.”

As a whole, the record is a wild listen that isn’t quite like anything the band has done before, and unlike anything any band is doing in 2018. It’s both poppier than their earlier music and weirder, especially when it comes to the frantic advance single “Gameshark” or something like “Heartbeats,” which boasts a chorus worthy of any alternative rock station but moves from section to section via classical-music-sampling interludes.

Stream the album below.