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Incredibly, Liam Gallagher Says He and Noel Are “All Good” Now

XXXXXXXXX performs live for fans during the 2014 Big Day Out Festival at Metricon Stadium on January 19, 2014 on the Gold Coast, Australia.

In a series of tweets, Liam Gallagher has suggested that he and his (formerly?!) estranged elder brother Noel are “all good again,” and possibly even planning to hang out today. The Oasis founders are almost as famous for feuding as they are for “Wonderwall,” and you would be correct to feel stunned by the following series of fan interactions:

No comment yet from Noel, who hasn’t updated social media in a few days. Until recently, Liam maintained that he had not spoken to his brother directly since the fight that ended Oasis in 2009, and it’s not as though things were peachy the previous 15 years, either. In 2016, the Gallaghers apparently made it through an entire commemorative documentary without talking, and just a few months ago, the Daily Mirror reported their own mother had given up on trying to end the feud. Both brothers got significant mileage out of the mutual animosity while promoting their respective solo albums this year, even as Liam repeatedly confessed he’d rather see Oasis back together.

Personally, I don’t even believe this yet—surely Liam is pulling our leg, or angling for better Christmas presents, or maybe trying to gin up the betting odds on an Oasis reunion? Then again, this week Tom DeLonge started to look like he might have been kind of right about the UFOs, so truthfully, anything is possible.