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Watch Nine Inch Nails Cover David Bowie’s “I Can’t Give Everything Away”

Nine Inch Nails played their first show in about three years last night, not counting their Twin Peaks appearance. They debuted some new songs from their recent EP Not the Actual Events, as well as “Less Than,” the first single from their upcoming EP ADD VIOLENCE. Midway through the show, Trent Reznor took the opportunity to pay tribute to his late friend and former tour mate David Bowie with a cover of Blackstar‘s “I Can’t Give Everything Away.”

ADD VIOLENCE is out digitally tomorrow. Watch a (surprisingly high-quality!) fan-shot clip of last night’s Bowie cover below, and read SPIN’s recent interview with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross about their film soundtrack work.

Bonus: A lower-quality version of the video including Reznor’s introduction, in which he calls Bowie “a hero of all of ours” and explains that the band rehearsed the cover as a way to find “closure” after his death.

Update: As Stereogum points out, it seems likely that an anonymous remix of Bowie’s “I Can’t Get Everything Away” recording, posted to Soundcloud earlier this year to the mysterious account “thisisthenumbernineteen” (adorned with a Bowie picture and the Blackstar art), may have been Trent Reznor’s handiwork. The arrangement and structure of the remix is identical to the live cover of the song the band did last night, driven by a very-Reznor-esque distorted and de-tuned piano. Listen to the mystery remix below, and compare with the live footage above.