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Chromatics’ Dear Tommy Hasn’t Come Out Yet Because Johnny Jewel Destroyed Every Copy

Chromatics announced a new record called Dear Tommy just before the close of 2014, and promised it would out by Valentine’s Day 2015. A few years later, the record hasn’t still come out, though the band and creative engine Johnny Jewel have been active in the time since. Now, Echo Park Records’ Alexis Rivera, who manages the band, has shared a lengthy story behind the record’s delay—and needless to say, it’s a doozy. According to him, Jewel had a near-death experience in 2015, and decided to scrap the record entirely, disposing of 25,000 physical copies. He then re-recorded the album—a process he’d gone through before, when dissatisfied with a record just before its release. Find the story below.

There’s a bright side to this. This long disclosure was prompted by a fan asking Rivera why Dear Tommy cuts like “I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around” have disappeared from the internet. According to Rivera, the record is coming soon, and Jewel wanted the old versions to be taken down.

Correction: An earlier version of the headline stated the record was destroyed in 2015; it was in fact destroyed in January 2016.