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Miley Cyrus and the Roots Knocked Odetta’s Bob Dylan Cover Out of the Park on Fallon

Miley Cyrus practically ran the Tonight Show last night, appearing for an interview about her role on The Voice, teaching Jimmy Fallon yoga, and playing Phone Booth. She also joined the Roots to sing a magnetic, high-wattage rendition of Odetta‘s classic 1965 cover of Bob Dylan’s “Baby, I’m in the Mood for You.”

Cyrus took advantage of the song’s instrumental break to mention Thursday night’s guest, Donald Trump. “Don’t even think about messing with my hair, I’m serious,” she told Fallon.

If you’ve allowed any of Cyrus’ other antics to blind you to her vocal talent and stage presence, consider this a prescribed corrective. Compare her “Baby, I’m in the Mood for You” to Odetta’s, below.