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Seinabo Sey Honors Max Martin With ‘As Long As You Love Me’ Cover

Pop hit-maker Max Martin was honored at Sweden’s Polar Music Prize ceremony last night, and a batch of the country’s finest musicians lined up to pay tribute to the iconic producer. Most notable of the bunch was Seinabo Sey, who barreled through a once-in-a-lifetime good orchestral cover of the Backstreet Boys’ classic “As Long As You Love Me.” Other performances included Peter Jöback’s rendition of Robyn’s “Show Me Love,” Amanda Bergman’s cover of Ariana Grande’s “Love Me Harder,” and Sabina Ddumba’s woozy take on the Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face.”

Three members of the Backstreet Boys were also there to give a speech to the producer. Watch footage of the show below, and make it all the way through to see Martin’s glassy-eyed response to the tributes.