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Bliss Out to Delorean’s Groovy Disco-Pop ‘Muzik’

Comparisons to Cut Copy, Hot Chip, and pretty much the entire DFA lineup have always been inevitable for the Barcelona-based quartet known as Delorean. The semblance has never been stronger than on the band’s very colorful fifth LP. Embracing their smooth ’70s and ’80s disco-pop DNA, Delorean perhaps shine brightest on the album highlight “Muzik,” produced by Pional. The robust track builds at a slow-but-gripping rate, evolving into a nearly orchestral affair with skittering beats, bass and keyboards, while frontman Ekhi Lopetegi repeatedly declares “Music’s got a hold on me / It’s shaking the ground where I am.” The statement is implied even without the words, as the quaking song thrives on its creators’ deep attachment to the club music of both yesterday and today.

The album as a whole is heavy on such wide-reaching dance-pop, as each track is chock full of whirling synths that tend to sound ethereal, underwater, or both. Other highlights include the seemingly dour “Contra,” which of course bursts into a cosmic fiesta in the final minute, due to the fact that Delorean can’t sit still for more than a few minutes. Album closer “Parrhesia” similarly blends the emotional with the physical, constantly oscillating its focus from Lopetegi’s relaxing voice to the piercing sounds of discotopia. It’s in this balance that Delorean finds its home; the group excavates harmony in the hectic, leaving listeners eager to simultaneously bust a move and chill on the beach.

The group tells SPIN of their new album, which you can hear below:

We spent the last two years writing songs for our a new album. We’re happy to finally share the nine tracks that made it to Muzik. We tried to write songs freely inspired by the house music we owe some much to. It’s a pop record too of course. We wanted to focus again on what’s central to our lives, which is simply music. We wanted no rush to make it, and we don’t ask any from the listener neither. We just hope you like it as much as we do.

Muzik is out on June 22nd via PHLEX.