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Watch a Jack White-Directed Ad for Third Man Records Shirts

Jack White — a man who announced only five months ago that he was taking a long break from performing and appearing in the public eye — has just released a self-directed advertisement for a new Third Man Records t-shirt. There’s a bonkers announcement to go alongside the ad that begins thusly:

It’s a tale as old as time: a special child with a remarkable vision has his dream repeatedly squashed and stepped on only to become victorious in the end. David James Swanson (acclaimed photographer, director, singer of Whirlwind Heat, cheeseburger lover and clothing designer) was one such child and is now one such victor. His vision? Pocket T-Shirts. His detractors? His mother, his peers, his tour mates, his band, cheeseburger flippers, and a man named Jack White III.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next White and Third Man release, an album of dialogue from the 2014 Cameron Diaz movie Sex Tape spliced over recently uncovered recordings of a banjo player from Iowa in 1922, which has been put onto a solitary USB drive, swallowed by a bullfrog that hopped away but if you catch it, you can hear the (surely) masterpiece.