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Laura Welsh Embraces the Swelling Pain on ‘Breathe Me In’

Laura Welsh

Last fall, Laura Welsh grabbed people’s attention when she stole the carpet from under Gorgon City on their throbbing single, “Here For You.” Next month, the U.K. singer-songwriter will release her debut album, Soft Control, featuring gorgeously rendered tracks (“Hardest Part”) about heartbreak and self-worth that wriggle their way into the soul and latch on.

On her exclusive new single, “Breathe Me In,” the vocalist takes center stage on a cut that focuses its sharp lyricism on a toxic yet inescapable coupling. “There are certain types of relationships that you know are unhealthy,” Welsh tells SPIN. “They can be destructive, sometimes instantly or over a prolonged period of time. There is a realization in these moments and you have a call to make. ‘Breath Me In’ is a song about taking the risk to give into desires and obsessions without any boundaries or hesitation. Sometimes you risk it all and succumb to the moment.”

Stream “Breathe Me In” below and look for Soft Control via Island Records on March 9.

Laura Welsh, Soft Control track list:
1. “Soft Control”
2. “Ghosts”
3. “Break The Fal”l
4. “Unravel”
5. “God Keeps”
6. “Cold Front”
7. “Hardest Part” (feat. John Legend)
8. “Still Life”
9. “Breathe Me In”
10. “Call To Arms”
11. “Hollow Drum”