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Kanye West Gives Sprawling, Career-Spanning Interview to Zane Lowe

Kanye West

A day after premiering his new track, “All Day,” on the BRIT Awards, Kanye West visited BBC Radio host Zane Lowe to discuss all things fashion — including his recent Adidas line of sneakers — as well as his reputation and upcoming musical output. Here’s a bit of what he had to say, but know this: “Everything that I said will ever happen… will happen,” he claimed. Does that mean we’re eventually getting “Piss On My Grave,” Ye? Watch the entire thing above.

On his collaboration with Adidas:

Now I feel people rallying because they know that I want to fight for H&M, Zara type concepts, and I know that Adidas can eventually get those price points.

On the concept of inaccessible fashion:

Exclusivity is the new N-word, because nothing should be exclusive. The idea of exclusivity is another colored-people fountain concept!

On his courtship of Kim Kardashian and his public perception:

I did not know how to communicate at all. I had my point. My message was simply, “your egg, my semen, we change the world.” I imagine that that’s gonna sound wrong. I like saying shit that sounds wrong anyway. We have the right to be wrong sometimes… I can be extremely nice, but as soon as people start playing games, I stop. I stop playing games and I can hit that Ye button and go right back to Day One.

About his brand new music:

[I’m] just working hard on it. It’s fun to work hard. We’re being inventive. I’ve still got a lot of opinions and perspectives that I think are important and can be inspiring to people… This new album is coming out of a desire to design.

On working with Paul McCartney:

The type of chord changes that Paul does, I don’t even understand them. Meeting Paul McCartney is like meeting Ralph Lauren. The greatest of their field of all time, period.

On the Grammy Awards:

The Grammys are like an ex-girlfriend. As soon as you get in the car with them, you want to go right back home.