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Arca Releases Eerie Score for the Hood By Air Fashion Show

Arca, Sheep (Hood By Air FW15), new album

Recently announced Vulnicura producer Arca recently scored a Hood By Air fashion show for Pitti Uomo 87 in Florence, Italy, and today, he released that original music as a free download. Sheep is 11 spooky tracks long, alternating between eerie soundscapes and piercing moments of intensity.

Interestingly, there appears to have been some confusion about the titles of both the full-length and also one of the songs. In an early press release, the fifth track is titled “Faggot,” but was renamed “Sifter” on the final trak list. Similarly, downloading Sheep reveals that the file is titled Pity the Homo. Arca confirmed on Twitter that these were his working titles, and that he changed them himself to be more “more subtle.”

Download Sheep via Arca’s SoundCloud, and check out the track list below.

Sheep track list:
1. “Mothered”
2. “Pity”
3. “Drowning”
4. “En”
5. “Sifter”
6. “Submissive”
7. “Umbilical”
8. “Hymn”
9. “Don’t / Else”
10. “At Last I Am Free (interlude)”
11. “Immortal”