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The 10 Best Answers From Run the Jewels’ Reddit AMA

Run the Jewels, Reddit, AMA

Run the Jewel’s Killer Mike and El-P took to Reddit Monday afternoon for an Ask Me Anything, and hilariously attempted to answer fans’ questions. “We hope we answered a few of them decently,” the duo wrote, “although we are legitimately stoned right now and doubt we did.”

The pair answered some straightforward questions. Killer Mike said he would be joining El-P in donating Meow The Jewels profits to victims of police violence, and El-P rattled off a long list of artists in response to a question about their biggest influences. (Killer Mike, meanwhile, shouted out Scarface and Sade, and admitted that he’s never heard Yeezus.) Still the bulk of the AMA saw the two of them goofing off. Here are the ten best things we learned from Run the Jewels’ AMA answers.  

1. Killer Mike and El-P have different stories about how they met.

2. They want to be remembered for unexpected things.

3. El-P is currently on fire.

4. El-P’s advice for high school math students is to “take mushrooms.” Also, both of them are out of shape.

5. Killer Mike bailed on an interview two years ago because he was stoned, but he feels bad about it. 

6. The creators of Meow the Jewels, fittingly, have favorite types of cats. 

7. They don’t have gold chains yet.

8. They’re going to keep numbering Run the Jewels albums, and El-P still doesn’t like “Welcome to New York.”

9. There will be a Run the Jewels 3, and Killer Mike wants Elvis to contribute. 

10. Run the Jewels are poppin’.

Check out the full AMA here.