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The ‘Meow the Jewels’ Trailer Is Here and It’s Pawsome

meow the jewels, run the jewels 2, trailer

Meow the Jewels — a Run the Jewels 2 remix project using nothing but cat sounds — may seem like a catnip-inspired fever dream, but the project has reached its Kickstarter goal so, yes, it’s really happening. And if there are still any doubters out there: Mass Appeal has released an amazingly bonkers trailer for the album to prove it.

Cut together from old kung-fu and cult action movies, with cat heads superimposed over most of the characters, the trailer proudly boasts that the upcoming album will feature “vocals from Killer Mike, El-P, and a shit load of cats.” Killer Mike and El-P are clearly musicians for the Internet era. 

The awesome trailer also gives a rundown of the remix’s many, many talented contributors. 

meow the jewels, run the jewels 2, trailer

meow the jewels, run the jewels 2, trailer

All proceeds from the sale of Meow the Jewels will benefit Mike Brown’s family, according to El-P. Run The Jewels 2 comes out October 27, although the remix project doesn’t have a release date yet. Don’t you worry, though: El-P is hard at work finding the best cats for this important job.