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Lil B Lectures at MIT and Tosses in a Freestyle

Lil B, MIT, Lecture

Lil B went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology over the weekend to drop some knowledge on the students who came out in droves to hear the Based God’s 90-minute long lecture. Wearing a flashy gold jacket and no shirt, the “No Black Person Is Ugly” rapper gave an in-depth and highly positive talk, not unlike the lecture he gave at NYU two years ago. “Because nobody is ugly. Nobody,” he said in response to a student’s question about the anti-racism anthem, explaining that he wanted the song’s message to be widely identifiable. “Nobody’s ugly, nobody’s fat, nobody’s skinny. It’s about where you want to be health-wise and how you want to live your life. You have a choice.”

Lil B said he plans to use his fame to address the widespread campus sexual assault problem. “I really feel that the right time will be for me to speak on a national, grand scale about these things, about awareness and ways to protect victims.”

He also complimented the MIT students on their academic drive and success, and strongly self-identified as a feminist. It wasn’t all serious though — Lil B also talked about porting his “Basemoji” app to Android and offered a quick freestyle, which you can see at 33:27 in the video above. (Though you really should give the whole lecture a listen. Thank you, Based God, for bequeathing us with your wisdom.)