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Listen to Lil B’s Entire 86-Minute NYU Lecture

Lil B

Two weeks ago, New York University announced “cultural icon” Lil B (the Based God, you know) was invited to come give a “very rare” lecture to its students. Speculation was rampant on the Internet, where B holds court, as to what topics he’d actually have to discuss — odds at SPIN were put on the unfortunate victims of spider bites. That lecture went down last night, and unfortunately, no talk of poisonous insect antidotes were mentioned — though he did share an existential crisis he experienced thanks to an ant infestation in his house.

During the lecture, B of course made myriad weird proclamations — like that he was “the first rapper to adopt a tabby cat, you feel me?” and that, “Until further notice,” he was “paying taxes and loving it” — (Pitchfork caught some more gems), but there were two in particular we may want to pay closer attention to: One, that he would be releasing a “garage punk” album called California Boy (“This one’s for the rebels”), and two, that he “got a song with one of the biggest artists on Earth coming.” So, whenever that Lady Gaga ft. Lil B “Based This Way” remix drops, we’ll be there, waiting with open arms.

It’s unclear whether B has slept a wink following his lecture, as he’s been tweeting and retweeting comments about the event ad nauseam for the past few hours (including one tweet from a Bulgarian kid who claims to have flown to New York just to hear his lecture). Watch a quick clip (of which there are already many) to get a taste of what the evening was like, and listen to the 86-minute lecture in its entirety below, presumably via a particularly journalistic-minded NYU student.