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Download Lil B’s Emoji Pack for When Words Can’t Express Your ‘Based’ Desires

Lil B iPhone Emoji App Based God Basedmoji

Feeling stymied by standard iPhone emoji? Concerned that it’s just really not based enough for you? Today is your day. The one and only Lil B has released his very own emoji pack, as Pitchfork reports. Presenting “Basedmoji” — finally, we have the tools to properly express ourselves. Thank you Based God. 

The king of codeine, cocaine, and ecstasy, is now the king of your iPhone. The app includes dozens of text-ready images ranging from Lil B going to bed saying, “Goodnight, I love you,” to a hand with dollars asking, “Can I borrow some $,” and, thankfully, there’s even one with two hands together in praise, stating, yes, “Thank you Based God.”

The iTunes app preview page explains, “This Is A Very Rare App Designed And Developed By Lil B himself!!! COLLECT THIS APP AND SPREAD AROUND THE WORLD! This app was created by Lil B to have fun with your friends and family and celebrate the life of Lil B! I LOVE YOU! – Lil B”

Very rare? If you say so. Unfortunately for A-Trak there is no flan basedmoji — that’s the rarest emoji of all.