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Lil B’s ‘No Black Person Is Ugly’ Video Beams Beauty

Watch Lil B 'No Black Person Is Ugly'

Lil B has shared the video for “No Black Person Is Ugly” from his upcoming Ultimate Bitch mixtape. The clear-headed and genuinely catchy song delivers a moving message via a powerful mantra: “No black person is ugly, don’t say it one time.” The Based God, in his verbal wrestling with the injustices surrounding identity and race, touches on wrongs perpetuated by police and media specifically and also the ugly nature of discrimination in general:

I was told that you got a afro, or you got a big nose
That your lips are too big, you talking low
My people understand so why you don’t know?

The video is true to the Based form with its candid footage following Lil B and highlighting a diverse range of unposed strangers. An especially powerful shot shows Lil B’s hand grazing over a white-washed magazine stand that clearly illustrates the overwhelming standard of light-skinned beauty in America. With the recent casting call for the N.W.A movie exposing the entertainment industry’s shameless exploitation of racial bias, the Bay Area rapper’s offering feels like a timely breath of oxygen.

Hopefully he’s not too right with the lyric that he’s “too real for the game,” but it seems only the Based God could fashion such a profound anthem without coming off preachy, using his experience to lead by example. Big thanks to Fader for the lyrics, and even bigger thanks to Lil B for what may be — in Based parlance, at least — the “most powerful song of the decade.”