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Run the Jewels Share Bonus Album Cut ‘Blockbuster Night Pt. 2’

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Run the Jewels’ Killer Mike and El-P were nice enough to just release “Blockbuster Night Pt. 2,” the iTunes bonus track from their brand new album, Run the Jewels 2. The new track, which features Despot and Ratking’s Wiki, has a stereo-busting bass line and an frenzied, screeching beat. Listen to it below. 

The duo also announced a new graffiti project they’re calling “Tag the Jewels.” As a fun bit of promotion for album, thirty street artists from around the world were invited to reimagine the Run the Jewels 2 cover, and they ended up with some pretty stunning takes on the hand-gun and chain motif. “These signature pieces designed by respected local artists have gone up contemporaneously on walls from Los Angeles to Lagos, Paris to Jakarta, Sao Paolo to New Delhi and many more,” the website explains. We approve.