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‘Run the Jewels 2’ Is Out, Repeat, ‘Run the Jewels 2’ Is Out

run the jewels 2

Isn’t it just like Run the Jewels to drop one of the year’s most anticipated albums after midnight on a Thursday? With an unsanctioned leak starting to make the rounds late last night, El-P and Killer Mike took the situation into their own hands and dropped Run the Jewels 2 at 1:28 in the morning, a gift for which their insomniac and college-age constituents will likely be forever grateful.

And just in case there were any fans who weren’t up checking El-P’s twitter at that hour (not real fans, obviously), the duo also sent out an e-mail to their supporters with the following message:

We just couldn’t wait another damn day longer to share RTJ2 with you. Thank you to all the jewel runners worldwide for all your support. It means everything to us. Please enjoy the music. It was made for you.

Yes, RTJ2 is here — all 11 tracks and 39 minutes — and it is wonderful. Happy, happy Friday, everyone.