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FKA Twigs Wears Google Glass In Hallucinatory New Concept Film

fka twigs, google glass, throughglass, video girl, glass and patron

Is FKA Twigs still a Glasshole if she’s using her Google Glass to make art? We’re leaning towards no, based off of a new concept piece that the LP1 artist directed and also performed.

Twigs’ end product, titled “#throughglass” is mesmerizing and bizarre. It begins when the vogue-champ walks up to a mirror in an otherwise totally featureless white expanse and, using cool first-person mirror shots, scrolls through some of her past work. After a bit of browsing, Twigs busts out some truly impressive and artistic dance moves before multiple lookalikes appear. The action is scored to a kaleidoscopic reworking of her debut single, “Video Girl,” along with bits of “Glass & Patron,” a fittingly named but unreleased track. 

The whole video is beautiful in its own way, though it does make using Google Glass seem somewhat like tripping. Perhaps that’s why people are being treated for Google Glass addiction