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Courtney Love and Dave Grohl Have a Stripper-Related Bet

courtney love, dave grohl, stripper, bet

Courtney Love and Dave Grohl apparently have a $10,000 bet over which one of them can get the most strippers. According to Page Six, the two musicians ended their longstanding feud during a night out earlier this month and bonded over an apparent mutual interest in exotic dancers.

Love, you see, used to be a stripper, and Grohl and his buddies reportedly dropped ten grand on dancers at Scores after the pair hung out. Love, who recently claimed to be the inspiration for pretty much every good Smashing Pumpkins song, told the tabloid that the bet is still on and she’s confident that she’ll win because “Strippers love me!” 

We’re not really sure about the logistics of this bet. When does it end? What exactly does it mean to “get” a stripper? And most importantly — do we really want to know?