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Spotify Map App Spotlights ‘Music of the World’

Spotify Map App Spotlights 'Music of the World'

Have you ever wondered what the pop charts of Papua New Guinea look like? Or a list of Latvia’s local listens? Well, now Spotify users can use an interactive third-party map to navigate the “Music of the World,” a curated collection of representative sounds from all over, with data sourced directly from Google. 

This new plug-in from X5 Music Group allows you to navigate through 220 countries, territories, and regions for playlists and albums hand-picked by an in-house expert at X5. For example, our North American neighbors are characterized by (among many other playlists) Mexico’s Beginners Guide to Mariachi and Canada’s Best Bagpipe Moments Ever (because Nova Scotia).

Earn your world-music card with this chance to get tune-savvy on an international level, from The Divine Carmen Miranda to The Mongolian Folk Long Song, accompanied by Spotify’s biographical notes handy to enrich your understanding. Give it a spin here, and for more interactive infographic fun, play with maps running down of America’s genre preferences, and underdog favorites, by state.

Or forget geography: travel through musical time.