Taylor Swift Sets Spotify Global First-Day Record With 8 Million Streams of ‘Look’

Spotify says Taylor Swift has set a new global first-day streaming record. The music-delivery site said Saturday (Aug. 26) it had logged more…
Associated Press / August 28, 2017

Spotify Removes White Supremacist Artists as Streaming Companies Begin to Monitor “Hate Bands”

Spotify says it has removed an array of white-supremacist acts from its streaming service that had been flagged as racist "hate bands" by the Southern…
Billboard Staff, Billboard / August 16, 2017

OneRepublic Really Tried to Cover Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova”

This is bad as hell: a faithful and dead-eyed cover of "Champagne Supernova" by Ryan-Tedder-led Top 40 hitmakers OneRepublic. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios for Spotify's…
Winston Cook-Wilson / July 25, 2017

Spotify Responds To Fraud Accusations: “We Do Not And Have Never Created Fake Artists”

A report earlier this week on Vulture headlined "The Streaming Problem: How Spammers, Superstars, and Tech Giants Gamed the Music Industry" made serious allegations against Spotify, claiming…
Andy Gensler, Billboard / July 8, 2017

Report: Spotify Accused of Manufacturing Fake Artists

According to a lengthy piece pinned to Vulture, Spotify has been reportedly paying producers to create songs under fake names. Filling its playlists with fake artists, Spotify…
Rob Arcand / July 6, 2017

Spotify Pulls Ad Calling Justin Bieber “Latin King”

Bad PR week for Spotify! First we learned the streaming service was testing an unmarked sponsored songs unit that basically amounts to payola. And now…
Chris DeVille, Stereogum / June 22, 2017

Spotify Will Test Pay-to-Play Song Placement on User Playlists

Spotify will experiment with allowing record labels to place songs on users' playlists in exchange for payment, BBC reports. The #sponcon trial won't affect subscription members,…
Anna Gaca / June 20, 2017

Spotify Will Now Allow Indie Labels To Put Albums Behind a Paywall

Today, Spotify announced a new multi-year licensing deal with Merlin, the "global music rights agency" at the helm of independent music. Following a recent partnership…
Rob Arcand / April 20, 2017

Spotify, Universal Sign Deal to Temporarily Place New Albums Behind Paywall

Spotify has finalized a new, multi-year global license agreement with Universal Music Group that, as expected, gives UMG artists access to a "flexible release policy"
Marc Schneider, Billboard / April 4, 2017

Report: Spotify Might Start Withholding Big Releases From Free Users

A new Financial Times report claims that Spotify is negotiating a major shift in its service, ahead of a planned IPO. In exchange for lowering the royalty…
Jeremy Gordon / March 16, 2017

Who the Hell Comes Up With These Spotify Playlists?

As many of the streaming platform's 100-plus million users know, even the most popular Spotify playlists have terrible names. At this point, many of us have normalized…
Winston Cook-Wilson / March 14, 2017

RIP: Spotify’s Inbox Feature Is Now Gone

A few weeks ago, Spotify announced it was going to retire the inbox and messaging feature within the app. According to their announcement, the decision was made because of…
Geena Kloeppel / March 6, 2017

New Music: Whitney – “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You” (Bob Dylan Cover)

Rising Chicago indie rockers Whitney just participated in a live session for the Spotify Singles, performing a new version of "The Falls" from their 2016…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 22, 2017

Prince’s Classic Albums Are Now on Streaming Services

As reported a few days earlier, Prince's Warner Bros. catalog is now available on multiple streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music. TIDAL has held…
Brian Josephs / February 12, 2017

Purple Ads at Union Square Hint at Prince’s Return to Spotify

Tidal has been the only streaming service with Prince's catalog since July 2015, but Spotify is hinting that might change soon. Billboard notes that purple ads with just the…
Brian Josephs / January 30, 2017
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