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She & Him Return With Soft Rock and Soft-Focus Teaser Video

Folk-pop pair She & Him are plotting a new album, it'd seem. Today, Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward shared the old-timey 44-second teaser above which, visually, yields no…
Olivia Forman / August 8, 2014

Wu-Tang Clan Go Superfly on ‘Ron O’Neal’ Studio Version

Following the epic appearance of all nine living members of Wu-Tang Clan on The Daily Show Wednesday night, RZA has shared the studio version of…
Olivia Forman / August 7, 2014

DJ Rashad Died From Drug Overdose, Autopsy Says

The official results of DJ Rashad's autopsy confirm original suspicions that drugs were the cause of his untimely passing. Rashad's label previously asserted the cause of death was…
Olivia Forman / August 7, 2014

Kathleen Hanna and Mykki Blanco Hit the Studio

SPIN cover star and queen of riot grrrls Kathleen Hanna seems to be reaching down from the punky heavens to bless young artists who are…
Olivia Forman / August 7, 2014

MTV’s Kennedy Compares Libertarians to Their Grunge Counterparts

The New York Times Magazine published an extended think-piece today called "Has the 'Libertarian Movement' Finally Arrived?," and it opens with an odd analogy courtesy of Kennedy. The former host…
Olivia Forman / August 7, 2014

CBGB Music and Film Festival Returns to New York in 2014

The iconic CBGB, despite closing its doors in 2006, forges forward with the announcement of the 3rd annual CBGB Music and Film Festival — the…
Olivia Forman / August 6, 2014

Watch Destructo and YG ‘Party Up’ on a Party Bus

HARD Events founder and HOLY SHIP! cruise captain Gary Richards returns to his Destructo production moniker for the aptly titled, "Party Up." The pulsating, over-the-top debauchery anthem is perfect…
Olivia Forman / August 6, 2014

St. Vincent to Pinch-Hit for Fred Armisen as ‘Late Night’ Bandleader

Considering he's got a new punk supergroup and a fifth season of Portlandia in the works, Fred Armisen might be spread a little thin these days. Fear not,…
Olivia Forman / August 6, 2014

House of Blues Sunset Strip to Be Demolished

It seems the sun will set on the iconic House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. Bloomberg reports the Los Angeles venue is scheduled to…
Olivia Forman / August 6, 2014

Hear the Knocks’ Audio Pop-Manifesto, ‘Classic’

Dance duo the Knocks have already proven that they have the chops to deliver a seriously bright summer banger, and now they repeat the feat. New…
Olivia Forman / August 5, 2014

Rihanna Rides for A$AP Rocky in Documentary on Harlem MC

A$AP Rocky's career saw him quickly rocket into stardom, and Noisey has invited us to witness that rise via a five part documentary titled SVDDXNLY.
Olivia Forman / August 5, 2014

Arcade Fire Cover Dead Kennedys, Impersonate California Governor Jerry Brown

Arcade Fire have been embellishing their Reflektor tour with geographically appropriate cover songs, and now the Canuck band adds to that repertoire a version of Dead…
Olivia Forman / August 5, 2014

Sir Mix-A-Lot and His Anaconda Approve of Nicki Minaj

Sir Mix-A-Lot's consent for the use of his iconic 1992 hit "Baby Got Back" provided the foundation for Nicki Minaj's new wave-making single "Anaconda," and…
Olivia Forman / August 5, 2014

Vanilla Ice Is Disappointed in the New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Song

Vanilla Ice has thrown some shade at Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Ty Dolla $ign for their "Shell Shocked" track, the single for the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.
Olivia Forman / August 4, 2014

Kathleen Hanna Loves You Too, Miley Cyrus

We learned last week from Miley Cyrus' Instagram that the pop star is a fan of riot grrrl icon Kathleen Hanna, but who could've known that the ex-Bikini…
Olivia Forman / August 4, 2014

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