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Robin Thicke Drops to His Knees to ‘Get Her Back’ on ‘Kimmel’

Robin Thicke Kimmel 'Get Her Back' "Lock the Door'

Despite his insistence that he’s trying to keep his split with wife Paula Patton “private,” Robin Thicke has been anything but while promoting his new album, Paula. His ongoing quest for redemption and selling records led him to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, where he performed two songs on the show’s outdoor Los Angeles stage. First up was the subdued “Get Her Back,” with Thicke busting out all the moves from the soul playbook, like starting an audience clap-along and dropping to his knees to emphasize just how much he’s hurting. Then he took to the piano to croon on “Lock the Door,” wailing about how much he misses his best friend. It’s certainly enteraining enough, but it’s also a bit sad to see the man trying so hard to get his ex’s attention while also making sure he thrills an audience. But hey, at least he left the scantily clad models home for a change. Progress!