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Yep, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Are Still Estranged

Robin Thicke’s album-length campaign to convince his wife Paula Patton to return to him finally hit stores yesterday, and the pop star stopped by Hot 97 to promote the album. During the interview, the “Blurred Lines” singer revealed that it’s been four months since he’s laid eyes on his childhood sweetheart (via VIBE). “I try to keep most of that private, but, I haven’t seen her for four months,” Thicke said, apparently ignoring the meaning of the word “private.”

While most of the record — which, remember, is actually called Paula — is an outright ploy to “Get Her Back,” Thicke said that even the few songs that are not directly addressed to Patton play into the LP’s larger theme. After Thicke requested to hear his recent ode to living in New York City (the not-so-cleverly titled “Living in New York City”), he explained that he doesn’t actually live in the Big Apple, but was inspired to write the song because Patton once mentioned wanting to move there. 

Click play above if you want to hear Thicke spill the beans on Paula, but if you are looking for some cathartic cleansing from the maestro of musical misogyny, check out how his #AskThicke Twitter campaign backfired into a massive ambush of ruthless Internet trolls.